Congral Consulting is a design and development services provider, specialized and focused on HealthVault applications. Wikipedia describes HealthVault as:

Microsoft HealthVault is a web-based platform from Microsoft designed to store and maintain health and fitness information. Started in October 2007, the website is accessible at www.healthvault.com and offers access to both individuals and healthcare professionals. In order to access HealthVault data, organized as records, each user needs to create HealthVault account. Each account may be authorized to access multiple records, each belonging to multiple individuals, allowing a mother to manage records for each of her children or a son to have access to his father’s record to help the father deal with medical issues.

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While Congral Consulting is a brand new company, its team has been working on HealthVault applications since 2007, running several Health Record Bank related projects awarded to Congral, LLC as grants from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation  WA State, Microsoft and PeaceHealth Hospital. In order to provide  prominent HealthVault  customers access to our rich experience and talent, we created Congral Consulting as an independent development shop with the desire to offer the service of a General Contractor in the context of the software applications development domain.

Important Note

Congral Consulting is a service and all our resources are available to our clients, ready to work on our client’s projects. Since Congral Consulting is a highly specialized service strictly focused on HealthVault based application, the information on this site is created to provide detailed information about what we like to do and have experience with. The  Shared Care Space page is a high level summary of our interest and expertise.

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